Ridiculously Simple Monthly Billing

If you struggle each month getting your billing done, we can help.

AlCom simplifies the process recurring billing.  Three simple steps:

1 Click to create recurring invoices.

2 Click to process electronic payments.

3 Click to create your statements.


Complete Customer Profiles

AlCom organizes your clients such that you can maintain a great amount of information on each such as each client's billing information, their locations, and installed systems.  Easily keep up with customers charges and payments in one ledger style format.



Easily Manage Sales Tax

Keeping up with sales tax and then preparing your monthly tax return can become confusing and time consuming.  AlCom keeps track of the amount of Sales Tax you have collected and generates a report that to help file your tax returns.

Credit Card and ACH Security

Is your current system secure? Does your current system manage your credit card customers securely? Do you still store the s financial information on your office computer?  AlCom helps take the liability away for data breaches where account numbers may be stolen.  All electronic transactions are "tokenized", meaning sensitive account information is not stored in your database.

Keep up with installed systems and equipment

Whether it's an alarm system or camera system, you can immediately see what equipment is installed on location. Just enter all the important facts, zones, dispatch instructions, etc., and it is available on demand for improved customer service.

Customer Contact Notes

All customer contact information is stored in either an administrative contact note or a service related note.  Now you can keep up with customer calls so that everyone in your organization can share this important information.


Let the Accountants Do Their Work While We Do Ours...

Alarm Company Management Software comes in two flavors: Those with some limited accounting functionality, and those that are a companion to another accounting system such as QuickBooks®Why reinvent the wheel?  AlCom supplements the accounts receivable portion to best fit our industry and lets QuickBooks do what it does best -- Accounting.


Maybe it's Time To Get Organized.

Implementing good qualitysoftware in your company demands that you finally get yourself orgnized.  After all, well organized systems usually result in better efficiency and greater profitability.