Recurring Billing

Efficient recurring billing is the lifeblood of your company.  Getting it right is essential.  With AlCom, getting it right is easy. Just enter the billing frequency (Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually, or Annually) and then select the items you want to include.  It's just that simple.

Because you can choose the starting month, AlCom gives you flexibility when choosing quarterly, semiannual, or annual billing.  Billing in this way helps meet customer requests, as well as to help spread income more evenly across the year.

Prorated Invoices

AlCom helps you maximize income with the Prorate Invoice feature. With a single button click, you can create a prorated invoice for the part of the month after the install that you might otherwise not bill until the next billing cycle.  For some, this amount may be considerable.

Sales Tax

Collecting and reporting sales tax can sometimes be a challenge.  Some states have a state sales tax, while others allow cities and counties to enact their own. Some tax certain items, but not all.  It can get confusing.  AlCom keeps up with each taxing jurisdiction and provides the information needed to file and pay your sales tax collections easily.  If sales tax rates change, you don't have to edit each customer -- just change the sales tax rate and all accounts are updated for future transactions automatically.