AlCom comes feature rich without other modules to buy.  Additionally, you are not limited to the number of accounts you can enter as other programs do.  Written in a modern programming language, AlCom is intuitive, and easy to use.

Multiple Locations for Corporate Accounts

Keep up with service provided for one location, while sending bills to the Corporate office.  Each location has its own unique profile, including installed systems, billing and contact information, recurring billing setup, and transaction ledger,

Contact Notes

Keep up with customer calls and other significant customer interactions with one concise system.  Service notes are converted to a work order with the click of a single button, and then updated with the work performed when the work order is closed.  Administrative notes help staff informed so everyone is on the same page.

Work Orders

Work Orders help keep up with service requests and follow-ups.  Customer requests can be carefully documented and then passed along to the servicing technician.  Drag and drop the work order on to the scheduler board.  Upon completion, technician notes are entered describing fully what services were performed, as well as service time, and materials used.  One more click, and an invoice is produced.  All work order information is easily viewed in the customer contact notes.

Schedule Board

You can easily keep up your technicians efficient with our innovative schedule board.  Just drag a work order onto the calendar-like interface, and right-click to view details. Drag to move and change appointment times if required.  Expand or reduce the time slot by simply re-sizing.  When the service call is complete, the work order is marked completed on the schedule board, and opened to enter additional details.

You can choose which users show up on the schedule board, the time increments you want to schedule, and a start time of day.

Recurring Billing

Setup your customers recurring billing on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.  Select the billing items you want to include, and you're done. Then, each month, just four steps and billing is complete, including electronic payment processing.

Installed Systems

Keep up with systems installed at each location including zones, equipment, and central station response plan for alarm systems, and then cameras, power supplies, recording devices, etc. for camera systems.