Security Alarm Company Software

Developed by an Alarm Company owner looking to solve the same problems you are...

Recurring Billing as it Should Be...

Alarm company billing is unique. You have to get it right.  Stop losing money and let us show you how you can simplify your billing process and improve your financial efficiency.

Just a four-step process to set the invoice date, create all your invoices, apply electronic payments and credits, and then create the bills for printing or emailing.

It's All About RMR

You know that Alarm Company recurring billing is unique.  Getting your billing right is the life-blood of your company.  AlCom is built specifically for Alarm Companies.


Complete Customer Profiles

AlCom organizes your clients such that you can maintain each client's billing information, their locations, and what systems are installed.


Simplified Billing

Imagine having your billing prepared in less that ten minutes.

Generate  invoices, process credit cards and bank drafts, and then generate statements.

Process Credit Cards

AlCom helps protect your clients' private account information. All electronic transactions are "tokenized" so that credit card and ACH account numbers are not stored in your database.

Keep Up With Your Installed Systems

Your installed systems are organized with equipment and components stored for easy reference and customer service. Your technicians can arrive on site with the information they need

Automatic Bank Draft

Discover the convenience and cost-savings of automatic bank draft for your customers.  No more envelopes to open and checks to enter.

Keep Central Station Information Current

Enter information once in AlCom, then forward to Central Station on one concise form that any central station can understand.




Designed by a Security Alarm Company Owner

AlCom was designed by a Security Alarm Company owner to solve the very problems you face daily.

Next Steps...

We want to make it easy.  Schedule a private demo for yourself and others in your company to let us demonstrate how AlCom can help make your business more successful..